Joe Oye

Online Researcher, Author, Information Mgt Professional

Learning the Boolean logics, using Dogpile (plus the likes) and figuring out how to search the deep web - a mention of all these quickly takes one back to the pre-Google online researching period. Joe Oye has been an online researcher since this period and he is now a professional power user of Google.

Joe Oye is a combination of purpose, passion and profession.

By purpose, he is an adherent to minimalism who he helps people focus on and implement their career, business and personal aspirations in simple and quick ways by guiding them with information to workable ideas, fresh possibilities and emergent opportunities.

By passion, he reads a lot, writes, researches online and teaches through different platforms.

By profession, he is an Enterprise Content Management [ECM] specialist with the certification by AIIM International.

The three P's mentioned above have made him an author, a trainer and an enthusiast in anything information or knowledge gathering and sharing.

Joe Oye has special interest in researching Amazon, the number one global books/ebooks inventory website. His colleagues now call him "Amazon Researcher" because of the volume and the value of the unusual and intelligent information he has been gathering and sharing to make the business lives of authors/publishers easier on Amazon. All these relate very well with this course which fixes, for Kindle authors/publishers, the problem of mis-categorization of Kindle ebooks on the Amazon KDP platform. He bets, you have not seen or heard about this course anywhere other than on Udemy.

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