Ekanem Ebinne

Musical Child Mentor

It's my passion and commitment to help you give your musically gifted, 3-to-5 year old child the guidance he needs to think music like a mother tongue and become a confident singer, instrumentalist, composer, and contributor to your cherished musical traditions.

This class is easy and fun for both of you. You will feel strong in your voice and flowing in your movements when we're done. And your child will feel the joy of being heard and mastering new skills in rhythm and melody.

I have an Early Childhood Mastership Certification from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning. I value good vocal health, evidence-based practice, informal yet structured guidance, and access to all styles of music.

I have enjoyed music all my life, from singing solos in church as a kindergartner to playing flute in national competitions as a high schooler and singing in opera choruses currently... to playing drums in Brazilian and Guinea West- African style groups over the years.

I started teaching music in 2005 to bring lifelong music enjoyment to as many children and families as I could reach. And now, it's your turn!

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