Oussama Kaifouf

Ethical Hacker/Spamer, Computer Scientist

My name is Oussama KaÏfouf, I am Web security professional, ethical hacker, professional spammer and a computer scientist, I love hackcing and everyday I learn new thing in this field, I even don't sleep much not only because I work hard 


- Advanced knowledge of all operating systems.

- Experience in ethical hacking and Spamming.

- Good knowledge about Cpanel management.

- Carding expert.

- Good knowledge about Hack exploits (Wordpress exploits-SQL injection).

 I'm expert in other fields:

   Bitcoin Trading (Methods to buy and sell BTC Safely).

   Making beats by FL Studio (Phone-Computer).

   > Sony Vegas Pro editing videos.

   > Pictures editing.

Learning method:

 I believe that we can't learn anything without application. So I usually start by giving basic information about the topic, then I show you how it works step by step.

Thank you for your interest in my courses, and feel free to contact me on my Facebook or Gmail if you didn't understand anything in my courses
 Gmail : oussamakifo@gmail.com