Otoabasi Umonting

CEO at Bygfut Media Limited

Otoabasi Umonting is my name. I'm a Consultant, Author, Coach, & Speaker.

My primary purpose is to educate businesses and up coming entrepreneurs on how to properly position themselves and their business within their niche via digital media tools (social networks, websites, mobile, video, and audio), to build brand awareness, setup an effective marketing strategy, create funnels and launch irresistible service/products to their target audience.

More About Me:

The Consultant/Coach:

This is something I never considered from the start until I started having people come to me for help and advice about how to build their business online.

I also offer training sessions and blueprints, with practical steps, in order to help my clients achieve great results for their businesses.

The Author:

The passion for writing has always been there, and the only way to have this going was to actually start writing. I have been able to write a few books that are doing well on amazon/kindle and there are many more to come.

Now that you have learnt a bit about me, I'd love to know about you as well. Feel free to send me a shout when you can. I'll look forward to getting to know you better.

Remember to check my courses here on Udemy, and show your support. Thanks.

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