Osmaan Sharif

Business Coach, Mentor & Trainer @ Rapid Transformation

I’m Osmaan (you can call me Os) and I’m all about helping YOU create Rapid Transformations!

I'm passionate about helping individuals to start & grow their own businesses by really embracing Entrepreneurship from the inside-out! Many of them are in the process of 'escaping' from their corporate or traditional jobs and others have already made that move but aren't getting the results they deserve yet!

I’m one of those people who love what I do – honestly who can blame me though! As day in & day out, I get to work with people like you and be like your personal tour guide, to help you navigate through challenges & seize the opportunities that are out there (but can often be ‘invisible’ to you). I do this by helping you to become a master of YOU and to stop you from sabotaging your success – by ensuring that you get your DESIGN, MINDSETS & STRATEGIES in tip-top condition!

I fundamentally believe that you deserve to really go after your dreams and not let ‘the norm’ be ‘your norm’! I also know that many people don’t realise how easy it can be to make big or small changes in the right direction, which are fast, effective & sustainable – when they use the right tools to help them!

So that’s my job & what I’m totally passionate about! So how about some of it for you?