Om Prakash Gumasta

game maker


He is a professional Engineering Graduate in Civil Engineering. He is an Architect, Game-Developer, Graphic-Designer, web-Designer, Animator, and Music Composer.

After completing his technical studies he decided to learn other creative Arts as he was very interested in various arts from childhood. The benefit of being a technical person and also involved in creative field is that he can solve the technical and Creative problems Fast & easily, that can make him a Good and Unique Artist.

Some of the program listed below, he is running offline locally:

Non violent Gaming projects for Indie Developers.

Architecture with BIM technology.

Game Programming for Kids.

Web Designing & Development.

3D Animation & VFX art work.


Sound creation & Video Editing.

Above listed art he learnt from many Artist and Gurus.

Right Now He is working as a Deputy Manager in a Power Project Run by a world Famous Company "Moser Bear" and CFO of AniSecrets.

In addition to it he works with many small local groups and did a lot of Engineering and Art Projects.

He is a fond of Open Source and Cross Platform Technology, that's why all of his art work is prepared using this software's, and also likes to teach this application software's technology too.


G. Sushma (Administrator, AniSecrets)

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