OMpassion C.I.C (Amira Sagher)

Compassion training for healthcare staff

OMpassion is a Community Interest Company formed by Amira Sagher (BSC, MSc) who creates and delivers workshops, e-learning courses and training programmes in the art & science of compassion.

Amira is an experienced speaker, teacher-trainer and Transpersonal Psychologist. Her background is a strong mix of mental health, education and business development, with over fifteen years combined experience in these fields. Her first experience as a mental health carer in 2001 paved the way for an undergraduate psychology degree at Royal Holloway College, University of London, before completing her Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies at The University of Northampton. During this time Amira trained in Soto Zen at the Reading Buddhist Priory, furthering her ongoing mindfulness practice, while completing her Masters dissertation in the function and mechanics of empathy. Amira also runs a growing facebook page Spirit : Science 'likers' include The Institute of Noetic Sciences, individuals from reputable international research organisations, Rupert Sheldrake and Psychology Tomorrow Magazine.

As an independent consultant, Amira delivers training courses to local and national businesses, presenting cutting edge scientific evidence to demonstrate the purpose and benefits of compassionate mindfulness for business development, intuition, authenticity, leadership and stress management.

Overall, Amira has a rare combination of scientific training and experiential understanding of the practice and function of compassion, delivering valuable knowledge that is much needed in the UK.

The 6Cs training course was created to teach staff how to genuinely cultivate and apply compassion in the workplace, structured around the CQCs regulatory guidelines.

Each of the 6Cs (Care, Compassion, Commitment, Communication, Courage and Competence) are taught using working scenarios, referencing interesting scientific research. With equal focus on the staff member's own personal development, in line with their working development, this course prepares staff to exceed the standards required by the CareQuality Commission, and providing direction for continued development.

OMpassion also deliver compassion prep courses. These are particularly suitable for Year 1 Foundation Doctors who may be going on to train with virtual patients and who will need some preliminary compassion priming.

Both the 6Cs course and the Compassion prep course can be delivered on-site within the Berkshire/Surrey/Thames Valley region.

Courses that OMpassion C.I.C (Amira Sagher) is enrolled in