Oliver Curiel

Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Communication Major

I have been in marketing since the mid 90´s, traditional marketing  first and then experienced the transition to digital marketing.  Because I am truly convinced that we are not in an era of changes, but in the change of an era!

I have been studying and working in Latin America and Europe.

I have founded bricks-and-mortar business, I have work for companies like “HSBC” Bank and “AT&T” in their digital marketing areas, something that was not so typical through my studying years in college. I have learned from top marketers in the industry, I have more than a decade of experienced in digital marketing and that is why I am focus now on teaching  people to take advantage of all the tools available to use right away. As a business owner or future business owner you don’t have enough time to become an expert at everything, I have been working on marketing field myself so that I can relate to the challenges and frustrations  you may face and also stay current to your questions anytime you need my support.

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