Olive Persimmon

Author and Communication Coach

Olive Persimmon is an author, speaker, and communication coach. Olive loves communication and public speaking. She shares her passion by coaching and mentoring professionals who want to become powerful presenters. In the classroom she brings her enthusiasm and sense of humor to engage learners by coaching them to focus on getting out of their heads.

Before joining the training industry, Olive worked as the Director of Development at New York Nativity, a network of three nonprofit schools. She is trained in Accelerated Learning Techniques, a style of training that focuses on making the classroom fun. She was also the agency representative for United Way and the most-requested speaker by external partners.

Olive is a President of her Toastmasters Club and spends her free time working on her second novel. She enjoys speaking, performing, and writing handwritten letters to old friends. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Politics from Kent State University.

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