Oleh Peleshchak

Owner of Peleshchak Skupina d.o.o., Slovenia

Hi, the Voyager.

I build systems. I build reliable systems using ordinary employees.

To do it I usually act as a crisis-manager or a changes manager in corporations, governmental authorities and startups. It is my business for last 15 years.

I am a crazy crisis-manager who prefer to increase sales instead of a cutting costs.

I am a crazy changes manager who is able to stop 90%-ready financed by IMF project and perform dramatically better result for the rest of time and budget.

I am a crazy strategy creation moderator who create the one-page strategy and investors call it "the best ever seen strategy"

I am a crazy ERP implementer who is confident that 90% of ERP success are inside management team and just 10% - inside software. I also sure that failure of ERP project could be predicted exactly in the moment of contract signing. 

I am crazy CFO who is able to convince owner to reject investor's money.

Now I have my own consulting boutique, Peleshchak Skupina d.o.o., located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I support projects of changes for European companies and for Ukrainian government.
In addition, I am co-owner of several startups in EU. 

If you don't know what to do with your business or project - just call me.

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