Oleh Zaiats

Fintech Educator

My name is Oleh Zaiats. I received my Bachelor Degree in Law in 2009. I also studied business administration at Management & Marketing Universal Business School, Edinburgh.

I am a former banking lawyer with more than 5 years working experience. I worked both at international banks (inc. BNP Paribas Group) and global law firms. I started my career as a junior adviser at a local bank and finished it as a senior counsel at the biggest law firm in the world (Dentons). After 5 years of financial advising, I realized that something goes wrong in financial industry. That existing financial services and solutions do not satisfy modern society needs. After that I decided to escape an old-fashion finance industry and join the modern world of finance technologies. I am very passionate about fintech and I want finance industry to be highly responsive to technology solutions and people’s needs. I want finance to be cheaper, faster, and clearer for a customer. I am doing my best to help both fintech businesses and fintech customers to build a new adaptive, transparent and person oriented finance industry.