Oksana Silantieva

Multimedia producer, integrated newsrooms consultant

Опытный практик и тренер по мультимедийной журналистике, сторителлингу, менеджменту и маркетингу медиапроектов. Специализация — развитие сообществ, социальное взаимодействие и комбинирование онлайна и офлайна в проектах. Эксперт в интерактивном обучении и использовании креативного мышления для решения задач.

Работаю с различными редакциями и медиапроектами России, Казахстана, Армении, Кыргызстана. Помогаю перейти от традиционных принципов организации работы к мультимедийным, повысить эффективность работы редакции, создавать более конкурентноспособный медиапродукт.

Experienced specialist and trainer on multimedia journalism, storytelling, management and marketing with particular expertise in communities development, social interactions and online-offline mix. Expert in interactive education and creative thinking in media sphere.

Oksana works with media in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, helping them to change into integrated effective multimedia newsrooms.


  • Founder at Silamedia

We produce multimedia and cross-platform projects, provide media consulting and interactive trainings, create media environments for collaboration, business, education and journalism.


  • Associate Professor and Head of the Center of Multimedia Production at Faculty of Media Communication, National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

The author of courses in core skills, multimedia journalism and multimedia technologies, presentation skills and storytelling. Practiced interactive learning and flip teaching. Research interests were (and are) agenda setting theory in the Digital Age, rhythms in interpersonal and mass communication, irrational behaviour in media environments. I was awarded The Best Teacher Award in 2012 and 2013. Course 'Presentations production and public speaking' was granted by Educational Innovations Fund.

  • Trainer at Higher School of Journalism, Moscow, Russia

Coach on management of convergent newsrooms, citizen journalism, marketing and social media marketing at media projects, and financial independence and multi-platform delivery for local media. Conducted more than 60 seminars and webinars for more than 1,200 journalists, editors and media managers from Russia and CIS.

  • Intranet marketing manager at Yandex, one of the largest internet companies in Europe, operating Russia’s most popular search engine and its most visited website

Responsible for developing an intranet network and promoting internal services among production teams.

  • Program director and trainer at Press Development Institute - Siberia, Novosibirsk, Russia

Responsible for the educational part of the School for Citizen Communication on independent media companies in Russian regions. Trains CEOs, editors-in-chief and senior journalists in monthly seminars and webinars. Organised partnerships with local NGO leaders and university lecturers offline and online. Created Taktaktak as an educational platform and developed it into a real base for communication between citizens, NGO activists and journalists.

  • Head of multimedia projects department, Altapress Publishing House, Barnaul, Russia

Senior manager responsible for moving the print publishing house to the multimedia era. Revised and rebuild business processes, established multiplatform projects, and personally conducting seminars for journalists, editors and advertising managers.

Altapress website was named the best regional website in 2009 by the Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers. Altaigate project, based on a 2-years journalist investigation, got the special prize “For Journalism as a deed” from the Russian Union of Journalists in 2010.

  • Social communities developer, Novotelecom, broadband provider and content portal, Novosibirsk, Russia

Managed this department which consisted of more than 30 content and event managers, volunteers and activists developing 'E-gorod' as a center of communication for about 25,000 people in Novosibirsk. The project was based on social media marketing and UGC (user generated content) principles before social media marketing became common in Russia. The department produced “edutainment” projects.

  • Head of the Center for local communities development, Open Russia NGO, Barnaul, Russia

Center was part of the Open Russia program (Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s fund) focused on community building and local leaders’ training, increasing grassroots initiatives, volunteering and public action management.

TV-, print- and internet journalist and editor for 18 years. Media trainer for 12 years.

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