I have always wondered, why everyday people don't strive to become programmers. I mean it is one of the most fulfilling things to do, imagine building a small tool from your bedroom and see it being used by millions if not billions of people. So I went out and asked my friends whom I know have never thought about learning how to code. And when I asked why they have never thought about it they said one of 2 things, either it looks very hard or it is not for me. But the more I asked the more I understood that both of these things mean the same thing. So how is that possible, well let me ask you if you saw an 8 year old complete a certain task, you would definitely  not think that it is hard to do, would you? But what happens when you look at a task and that task is being completed by an introverted person that is anti-social does not leave his misty light deprived room and is always doing something crazy on his computer, well of course your a human being and basic psychology says that as a human you gravitate towards people that you think are like you. As the famous saying goes "Tell me your five best-friends and I will tell you who you are.", there is some truth to that. Therefore when you see the introverted type of person as I have mentioned above complete a certain task your brain says what a weirdo, I am not like him, and to prove that train of thought to itself it will make sure that you do not perform the same actions that you have just seen this so called weirdo perform. Now in order to fulfill this your brain gives 1 out of 2 reasons, one it is so hard that you can not and will not understand how to perform those actions or 2 you are not the type of person that performs these types of actions, and this argument reinforces the psychological fact that we gravitate towards things or people that are like us. Now I guarantee you the first programmer you saw was not your friend or someone you personally know but instead a character on some media platform, and what does the media perceive a programmer to be a weird introverted genius person, and 90% of us don't relate to that. I am pretty sure most of you have watched the movie "The social media" where the movie talks about how facebook was founded, have you realized how they portrayed Mark Zuckerberg to be a weird programmer who is heartless can't keep a girlfriend doesn't change his clothe wears shorts in the winter and a genius, I am not saying that he is not any of those things I personally don't know the guy but I bet he is nothing like they perceived him to be at least not totally. Well let me give you two more examples have you watched the show Kevin can wait, it is a great show, but  they perceived Kevin's daughter's fiance to be the same exact thing a scrony feminine white guy with glasses, and in the society that we live in we associate such character traits to being a loser. Another movie called I.T. that I watched, also portrays the programmer as being a psycho that messes up the life of this beautiful successful family I mean after watching that I did want to be a programmer either. So what am I going to do about it, you ask well I am going to challenge the status quo by changing people's perception about programming through the different  projects that we the magician's start yes I said magician not programmers because this is where it starts with the word it self people already associate the word programmer to the above definitions that the media has given it so no we are not going to turn you into a full stack programmer/developer but more so into a magician that can perform illusions by creating tools that people can enjoy but don't know how they work. And we started this project to help advance this idea and show you how simple it is to develop one of these tools(or as the world calls them apps). It is not complete it is still in the making but feel free to join in and spread the word.

-We are M a g I c I a n.

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