MagIcIan .

We don't Create apps we Create I l l u s I o n s.

Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg documented his journey. I’m not talking about the movie, "The Social Network.” I’m talking about a detailed day- in-the-life type of documentary: having a camera follow him around recording him coding; recruiting; talking to investors. I believe that information would have been priceless right now, since it would be packed with so much knowledge that not even a professor with a Phd could teach it all, just by looking at the scale at which he was able to impact the world that we live in. But the truth of the matter, is that we don't have that documentary. Instead, what we have is information that is distributed by sources that are not qualified to perform such actions. Let me elaborate on what I am talking about. 

We have over a million so-called, “guru’s,” becoming rich by teaching people how to be rich. Even worse, we have an education "system" that has been put into place, and it’s not even been revised in the past 80 years—but the world we live in has evolved. We no longer need to know who the 36th president is. That’s what Google is for, isn't it? 

I realized 2 years ago, as a sophomore, that the system was broken when all the answers to my homework were all online. Then, since I didn't pay attention in class, I had to learn and study for my exams using free resources online and still managed to get a 3.2 GPA. That’s when I really asked myself, “What in the world is college offering me? A degree that tells my employer that I have adequate knowledge about stuff I googled 3 years ago and can barely remember? Or that I’m really good at googling and finding the information that I need?”

 I came across Seth Godin, a very inspiring thinker, and he stated that today’s “...educational system ranks students on how many dots they collect; how many facts they memorize; how many boxes they have filled in, but they teach nothing about how they connect those dots. You can not teach connecting dots in a dummies manual. You can not teach connecting dots in textbooks. You can only do it by putting individuals in situations where they can fail, grades are an illusion, and passion and insight are reality.” 

That is why I started 2+2, where we believe in challenging the status quo in the face of an old, humanity-degrading system, by inspiring like- minded individuals around the world to build tools that will enhance the human experience here on earth, via our documentary of our journey. We’ll go from coming up with an idea, to learning how to develop it, to launching it, marketing it, and then raising money for it. 

Will this be a successful journey? Will we be able to prove that the system really is actually broken and that ours actually works? Well that is still a mystery waiting to be solved. And we need your help with it. Of course, we are not saying that we will be the next generation Mark Zuckerberg, for sure, but one way to be, is to try it. Even if this journey is not a success, and ends being a wreck, we believe that it will bring immense value to our generation, the millennials. There is one quote (if you haven't realized by now I am a big fan of quotes) that states, "Smart people learn from their mistakes, but the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.” So, if it is a mistake, we will be the ones to make it for you. If it’s not, then we will have developed a ground-breaking system that can be scaled into almost any industry.

 And you ask, “Why would I be willing to make this mistake?” Well my answer to that is: I come from a family where my parents only had me and my little sister, and ever since I was a kid I would always have to go and try things first before showing my little sister how to do it. At first, I used to be irritated because no one was there for me when I had to figure it out, and I envied the fact that she had it much easier than me. But now I love it, because it pushes me that much harder to try and figure it out and test the waters to see where the deep is, before I tell her to go out there, and help keep her from drowning. 

We have already developed a beta version of this system, and have had over 2000 amazing individuals join us on our journey. But we have not been able to develop the full product because of the limited amount of resources that we have, and we need your help to bring it forward.

-We are M a g I c I a n.