Nour Yehia

Financial Coordinator at Pocket Cinema

My name is Nour Yehia and I am from Cairo, Egypt. I have been studying economics and finance at the University of Chicago and the American University in Cairo for the last four years. I am the financial coordinator of the newly established start-up "Pocket Cinema." Pocket Cinema is a social media website and a physical space meant to 'C'onnect uncelebrated young media talents, 'P'roduce short movies and get them 'P'ublished. Our team likes to call it the CPP (Connect, Produce, Publish) Process. I have worked at Green Hands organization in Cairo for 2 years and have contracted sponsors and secured funds for the organization as its Organizing Committees Director. I have also worked as an International Account Adviser at Vodafone UK. My experience ranges from economic empowerment in India to digital participation in Germany. I am very interested in leadership exchange programs; have participated in two global leadership programs in Madeconia and Egypt.