Babak Rahrovani

Entrepreneur and Video Editor

Are You Looking To Achieve Success Online And In Your Life?

Hi, my name is Babak. Ever since I was a kid, i always wanted to have my own business and teach people how to succeed in their field as well, it's always been a passion for me. I hated going to high school and college because for me it was a major waste of money and time.

''if you're the smartest person in the room you're in the wrong room''

I wanted to live a life of fun,freedom and adventure. I knew no one was going to do that for me, so i decided to make it happen and started my own little online business in my senior year of highschool. I began with freelancing as a video editor, when i first began it made me good money but nothing too impressive. Later down the road when I began college, I was making the same as teacher who had spent years to receive a formation. After that I did a lot less freelancing and decided to go more into the entrepreneurial world, that's where i began reaching what i'd call ''true success''.

Today, I want to teach people how I did it, so they can quit their boring jobs too or even drop out of college yet succeed more than people who wasted years to get a degree.