Norma T. Hollis

America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor

Norma T. Hollis helps people transition into lifestyles and careers that enable them to maximize their natural gifts and talents. Known as America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma writes success prescriptions for individuals and groups that help people find, live and share their authentic voice. Whether seeking a new job experience, an entrepreneurial endeavor, a solopreneur experience or just a new view on life, Norma helps people turn their passion, experience and expertise into new ways of living, loving and earning.

Norma came to her authentic path after a career as director, trainer and program developer in the field of early childhood development. In addition to directing Head Start programs Norma also created programs to assess learning deficits within preschool children. Her second career introduced her to the professional speaking industry. She was the founder of one of the first speaker bureaus for African Americans and founded the very first internet directory of African American speakers. She is also a certified spiritual director and labyrinth facilitator. Add to that a few years as a corporate culture trainer and she has gained a broad understanding of human nature in a number of settings.

Now she is a laser coach who assists people in many areas of life. She refers to herself as an Authenticity Coach because she helps people admit to their true self and modify their life in appropriate ways. A major portion of her work is aligning people with authentic career paths. Norma also certifies speakers and coaches to implement her Authentic Voice System as the foundation for coaching in personal, professional, spiritual and organizational areas.

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