Norma Hickox


I am a professional musician. I play and teach six instruments and compose music. I attended college at Dana School of Music in Youngstown, Ohio and also pursued private lessons.One of my private teachers was fourth in a descending line from Franz List, one teacher was a student of Tobias Matthay and another was a student of Arthur Rubenstein.

I have been an organist and choir director for many different spiritual denominations and have also taught vocal music in private elementary and pre-schools. In the past I played in the pit orchestra for a musical theater group and also in a dance band, eventually having my own dance band. I had 20 years experience playing in bands in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

I have played for many different occasions including some TV appearances on the Polka Varieties Show out of Cleveland, Ohio. I helped organize parades, banquets, bicentennial celebrations and fund drives (raised $10,000 in three weeks to take a school consolidation issue to U.S. Supreme Court). I also did solo performances for horse shows, car races, political rallies, cheese festivals, society balls, lots of weddings (ceremonies and receptions) and many other events.

I played the wedding rehearsal dinner music attended by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for their son Dusty, and have played for movie and TV personalities and the governor of Colorado and finally, the ultimate, I played for the President of the United States!This was President Ford and the occasion was a Christmas Eve church service in Vail, Colorado.

I’ve given workshops and lectures on the Chrysalis Teachings in conjunction with piano concerts of my original music. I gave a paper on the Science of Music at an International Conference of Paranormal Research on The Science of Music at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. I recorded CDs of my original compositions at Colorado State University after giving a lecture. I was a student of musical composition with Jodie Lyons of Grand Junction, CO, formerly of Los Angeles - noted composer, orchestrator and conductor for television and movies. I was a student of composition at Mesa College, Grand Junction, CO with Chris Holloway as teacher and a student of voice, also at Mesa College, with Carol Ann Niles as teacher.

I moved to Los Angeles to work with an entrepreneur on my solar energy project which is based on the Science of Music. This will be discussed in the third part of my course, The Chrysalis Teachings. I studied classical piano at CSUN (California State University at Northridge). I owned and operated a Mobile Music Van, teaching in private preschools and kindergartens in San Fernando Valley, CA and did substitute organ and piano at area churches. I taught in private homes in the Valley and Thousand Oaks area, provided entertainment for nursing homes in the area and played Christmas music in the Thousand Oaks Mall for Christmas Season.

I now live in Simi Valley, California with my son Neil and his family; wife Claudia, daughter Fiorella and son Leland. Neil is a computer scientist and an amateur photographer helping very much with the books I publish. He designed the covers and his photos are used in the books. He also gave much help with his computer know-how.

Along with music, my career has also included involvement with the arts of painting, writing, dance and theater that led to my writing two musical plays with original music. I painted a portrait of President Gerald Ford which was presented to him when we were in Vail and which he acknowledged with a personal letter of thanks. I was a teacher of vocal music and square dancing at Vail Mountain School, Vail, Colorado and organist at Interfaith Chapel where I had the honor of playing for President and Mrs. Gerald Ford. I was also a pianist at the Lodge at Vail and the Lord Gore Restaurant in Vail.

When I began composing, the music and lyrics would flow into my head in complete form. A year later I began to receive information from a spiritual source that flowed in the same way as the music. This material was the “Chrysalis Teachings - Combining Science & Spirituality for an Enlightened Tomorrow” and was based on the Science of Music, which is the fundamental vibrational order and creative nature of the universe. The vibrations of music affecting my body since I was four years old are what allowed this opening to take place.

This new material (the Chrysalis Teachings) was explained to be from spiritual teachers whose intent was to bring in new, much needed spiritual teachings for the new millennium. Hence the name of the books I publish, "The New Millennium NoteBooks." My individual part in this work is to act as a thought provoker, to bring through ideas that stretch our minds and break us out of the shells of old thinking; allowing us to wonder "What If?"My participation is in the realm of creative ideas, before inventions are made or new products are designed. It is also in the opening of the possibilities of new ways of doing things and of looking in other places or directions for answers to old and new questions.

My work is to receive and anchor the stepping-down of higher plane concepts; to help human beings understand and solve the spiritual and material problems of the earth plane. To further this work I have, so far, published six of the twelve volumes of the Chrysalis Teachings along with a few other books. These are "The TimeLine of Eternity," "The Fantastic Human Being,” "The Awesome Realm of the Soul," “The Exciting New Creation,” “The Compelling Spiritual Path” and “The Enlightenment of Self Knowledge.” These books are for sale on along with four musical MP3 albums of my compositions performed on duo pianos with impromptu improvisations by Patricia Ann Burge, an instructor of piano at Colorado State University. These are "New Age Vibes," "Melancholy Moments," "Big Band Beat" and "Country Echoes."

At present I play at the Senior Center in Simi Valley for Monday lunches and teach a few piano students at home while enjoying the company of my family and trying to teach my 6 year old grandson Leland to play the piano.

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