Sergiu Nistor

Senior Business Sales Representative & Trainer

For me it all started in the summer of 1980, but I won't waste your time with the story of my life. 

I discovered my passion for dealing with people and effective communication during my first year as a student, when I joined a students' organization named A.E.G.E.E. (European Students' Association). After finishing my studies I have worked in sales for a period of over 11 years.

Both in my student life and in my professional life I have faced various types of situations, such as: public speaking in front of people I did or didn't know, persuading people to buy what I was selling, short deadlines, overwhelming targets, low budget projects with high expectations, dealing with difficult customers and many others. In each one of these situations I have looked for and found ways to face them.

Because I know how difficult it is to make it on your own and I like to help people, I want to share all my knowledge and experience with you.

I am a very organized person who likes to work simply and efficiently. I'd rather spend my time optimizing and automatizing the way of doing something instead of spending time doing it inefficiently.

I like to spend my free time skiing and enjoying the beautiful mountain landscape if it's winter, riding my motorbike and horse riding if it's summer. All of these activities help me unwind, relax, recharge my batteries and prepare me for a new challenge.

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