I work entrepreneurs helping them monetize their skills and knowledge online. After building highly successful and profitable freelancing business utilizing only online freelance marketplaces and publishing multiple successful online training courses.

My courses focus on online business and digital marketing. I help people find high quality clients online, build profitable sales funnels, automation and systemize business and more.

I manage my online business all the while traveling the world. My office view changes every few months, one day I am working at a local library in Brooklyn, a coffee shop in Cuenca Ecuador, friends spare bedroom in Sydney, co-working space in London or at a beach in the Vietnam. My business is all online enabling me to be anywhere in the world – and I make most of it.

Freedom is the driving factor in my business. Freedom of location, freedom of time, freedom to travel, freedom to visit family & friends around the world……

Freedom to design my lifestyle is my driving force. All my courses are focused on creating freedom in life and business.

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I offer courses teaching entrepreneurs a thing or two about online business and maximizing business profits. 

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