Nikola Dimitrov

Paradigm Shifter / Strategist / Success Consultant

Nikola Dimitrov is a lecturer at City College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield and part of the Business Administration and Economics Department. He teaches "Computing Skills for Business", "Information Technology and Management" and "Decision Making with IT".

Nikola is also an active intrapreneur and has worked for companies in the area of IT Consulting, Insurance, Real Estate, Tourism and Banking.

Nikola has been involved in projects such as:
- Integration of CRM systems
- Real estate project planning, management, marketing and sales
- Corporate website creation
- Online banking development
- Mobile banking development
- Self-service zone creation

He is currently a Lean Navigator in one of the leading banks in Bulgaria with focus on:
- Mindset and behavioural change
- Improving motivational schemes
- Efficiency and process optimisation
- Sales increase strategies
- Branch network optimization and others.

He is interested and actively researching game theories and gamification of education and organisations. Other areas of interest include change management, coaching, facial action coding system and body language.

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