Nikola Mihin

User Experience and User Interface Designer, Frontend Dev.

Hey I just met you and this is crazy…I kid, my name is Nikola Mihin, I am 33 years old Web Developer and Multimedia Enthusiast from Croatia. I have more than 7 years of experience working as Web Developer and UX/UI designer on many projects and I have numerous projects under my belt wearing one or more hats in team if needed. I am educated in Agile Software Methodologies and worked/working as a part of international teams and for clients all over the world from Beijing, London, Munich to Toronto. My strong points are Frontend Development, Design, User Experience and Tutoring for which I have my IT educational channel with more than 1.5k daily views.

In my spare time ( this is a joke, I don’t have spare time ) i read as much as possible, train for next 5k or 10k  local race or develop my Jujitsu skills in dojo…oh yeah and I like to relax and do nothing ( that’s another joke ). I am competitive and focused in achieving my goals but flexible and yielding to knowledge, learning and improvement.

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