Nik Koyama

Marketer, Marketing Coach, Videographer & Entrepreneur

I am a full-blooded entrepreneur who's passionate about bringing YOU value. I've won many awards, been on tv, radio, newspapers, in front of audiences and around the country with the projects and businesses I've created. This may seem like I think I'm "big time", but I really don't, because I'm not. In fact, this course is the first thing I've ever done to claim my share of authority (besides create a business that yields results). I have so much respect for my students and my future students, that I would never teach something I wasn't extremely passionate/confident about. I am extremely passionate AND confident that I can teach you strategic marketing, storytelling, team building, branding, social media, videography (along with directing/editing), the power of the mindset, and so on and so on... and not just teach, but I can coach! I don't just know the subjects, I can help YOU and your situations.

It comes with great pride to open up these courses for the public. Until now, I've offered my insight strictly to clients and associates. But when I found Udemy, I knew I hit gold. It's not just about money, it's about the ability to learn, teach and interact with learners from around the world. I want to thank all of my students who push me to make more courses and ask me ridiculously philosophical questions (just to test me).

Upcoming courses: How to Make a Company Video; Self Branding 101, How to Shoot the most Powerful Interview of your Career; How to Produce A Music Video; Millennial Marketing 110: Advanced Techniques, and MORE!!! See you inside.

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