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I'm Nikki Robinson, a career coach who's passionate about helping people create their own path to success.

I coach young adults into their dream jobs, while also running ByeHighSchool, a career-oriented blog that motivates and guides millennials through the terribly confusing transition phase after high school.

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In every role, my brand is the same: creating YOUR success, YOUR way.

I'm self-employed and doing the things I love. My course is backed up by my own success; I practice what I preach.

Before career coaching, I enjoyed a lucrative stint in freelance copywriting and social media management. During that time, I was blessed with the experience of working at a SaaS startup in Silicon Valley.

Working closely with the startup's CEO taught me more about career advancement and success than studying Management (HR concentration) at Jacksonville University, a private, liberal arts university in Jacksonville, FL.

For the duration of my employment under the CEO - a serial entrepreneur - I learned that major players in any industry all have similar traits, priorities and habits.

I want to share those aspects with the next generation of workers, who will step into the shoes left unfilled by boomers upon their retirement.

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