Nikki Lee

Life & Business Strategist™ | Entrepreneur | Project Manager

  • My passion is to help people succeed in ALL areas of their lives and businesses!

    I am a Life & Business Strategist™, Entrepreneur, Project Management Professional (PMP®) and Personal/Professional Development Junkie. I’m excited to have this global platform in which to deliver my message to students all over the world!

    Life & Business Strategist™

    As a Life & Business Strategist™, I teach you how to:

    ·Live your fullest potential

    ·Discover your life’s purpose

    ·Understand your business’ mission

    ·Create Strategic Visions/Plans for your life and/or business

    ·Set & achieve goals

    ·Implement systems for success

    ·Identify & leverage your talents

    ·Identify & resolve blockages to achieving success

    I’m also here to empower and encourage you along your amazing journey!

    Areas of focus in my courses include (but not limited to):

    Relationships (Personal & Business)

    Personal/Professional Growth & Development

    Finances & Budgeting

    Work/Life Balance

    Health & Wellness

    Family & Parenting


    Career Planning & Development

    Entrepreneurial & Small Business Development

    Business Planning & Execution

    Project Management

    As an Entrepreneur:

    I spent the first several years of my adulthood thinking that there was something really wrong with me. I had SO many ideas for products and businesses going through my head every day, but I didn’t know anyone who had the same “issues” that I had, so I figured that I was just really weird. Turns out, I am. But not for that reason. ;)

    Once I truly understood what an entrepreneur was, I felt like I finally got a diagnosis. I felt relieved. I know that business was a huge passion of mine, so I went on to study Business and got my degree in Business with a minor in Entrepreneurship / Small Business Management.

    Since then, I have started several businesses and continue to run them every day. I also mentor junior entrepreneurs in hopes that these young people will go out and change the world with their ideas! I have the same wishes for you.

    As a Project Management Professional (PMP®):

    I have had the honor of managing countless projects during my 15 year Information Technology career, and I continue to run projects every day as a business owner and instructor. I felt that the time was right to obtain an industry certification to back up my years of experience, so I set out to obtain the industry standard certification for Project Managers, the PMP® certification. This was the most difficult exam I have ever taken, but I set the goal, established a deadline to test, created a study plan, executed my plan and was one of the few people that pass the exam on their first attempt.

    I believe that life itself is a project. It is the most important project that we will ever manage. I use the same methodology that Fortune 500 companies use to manage billion dollar projects, and apply it to individuals and businesses to assist them in achieving success.

    A little history…

    I started my career by joining the US Air Force at the age of 17. I knew that Information Technology (IT) would be the way of the future, and I was eager to get my career started. I got my first IT certification at the age of 17 and have had a very successful 15 year IT career encompassing Project Management, Software Development, Network Systems Administration, IT Security and everything in between.

    While I was working in the IT world, I developed and patented a product and built a business around it. I realized that, although I was great at what I did in my 9-5 job, my real joy came from being able to innovate and build. I continue to run my business and love the challenges and rewards of being a business owner. I also mentor junior entrepreneurs who have great ideas but aren’t sure where to start.

    I have my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and am currently working on my Master of Science in Management and Leadership. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Master Life Coach, Health Coach, and Master Business Success Coach. I am a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

    I am a lifelong student, and a teacher and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and watching you succeed!


    Nikki M. Lee