Ms. Niki Ververis

Professional Qualified Language Teacher

I have been teaching languages to adults in both Australia and Europe for over 10 years. I started teaching children when one day I was approached by a local celebrity couple, who wanted me to teach English to their children.

At first I was unsure about how I had to go about it, but then I began to experiment with different games children preferred to learn from. I incorporated these games and ideas into teaching these children and discovered that the children were not only learning, but were also having a lot of fun!

Since they were enjoying the lessons, the children actually wanted to have more lessons, and looked forward to learning. That was when I realised that the more enjoyable teachers make a lesson, the faster they learn a language!

I wanted to share this with other language teachers who may be struggling with making their students interested in their lessons. I also wanted to share this with child care providers or nannies who know a language or two, so they can add a little more value to their services by adding language lessons.

I really hope you enjoy my courses and find them useful in teaching children languages, and in creating a profitable career as a Language Tutor/Nanny.