Fiona Trembath and Nicole Stottlemyer

Positive Psychology Practioners

Fiona Trembath (BA Hons, MAPP)

Fiona is founder of ‘From Strength to Strength Australia’ and a graduate of Australia’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and is passionate about looking for ‘what's right?' rather than ‘what's wrong?' as a way toward optimum health and wellbeing. As positive psychology practitioner, Fiona has developed a comprehensive range of resources for teachers and children to encourage strength-spotting and strength-development within the classroom.

Author of the junior fiction novel, Crackpot, Fiona is also a writer, editor, teacher, presenter and a regular guest on ABC (Australia) Radio Overnights program.

Nicole Stottlemyer (BA, CiPP)

Nicole is a fun and engaging facilitator, coach and enthusiastic inventor of happiness games. Trained under Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar at the Wholebeing Institute, she uses Positive Psychology to spread happiness, improve relationships, and increase success.

She’s worked with students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, and has been featured in the Boston Globe.

Nicole’s first ebook, “Strengths Games: Fun ways to bring out the best!" is due for release later this year.

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