Nicole Hernandez

Business owner, publisher, educator

Nicole Hernandez has been an internet business entrepreneur for 15 years. She has run a software development company, a technology recruiting agency, and an early stage print on demand business in the past. Nowadays, she spends most of her time juggling a web development firm, a publishing company, editing work, and multiple blogs. Most recently she has embarked on a project to create an online home-school curriculum, which is still in development.

Nicole has received a Bachelors in Accounting, and a Masters of Business Administration (Information Technology concentration) from Western Governors University. She holds numerous additional industry certifications, as well as personal development certificates. She is a published non-fiction author, has edited 6 published books, and published hundreds of non-fiction articles in the technology and business sectors.

When not doing those things, she is spending time with her family in Texas, homeschooling her children, constantly working on her pile of classics reading, and keeping up with all things political and liberty loving.

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