Nick Marks

Internet Marketing Consultant at Plush Marketing

I am a Internet marketing professional with over 12 years of developing award winning websites, e-commerce sites as well as selling on Ebay and Amazon. I started my business 10 years ago and have been providing businesses of all sizes Internet marketing and video marketing services. I have also been selling successfully on Amazon for 8 years.

Teaching is a passion of mine and I've taught classes and workshops on subjects like Selling Online, Starting Online Businesses, How To Build A Successful E commerce Site, and How To Sell On Amazon. Often courses online are made to be more complicated than they need to be. My goal as a teacher is to make sure my content is as clear and concise as it can be. I believe in getting straight to the point without adding fluff or providing redundant content to my students. My students know that I respect their time and understand that it's a valuable commodity.

I am here to help you. My students can always email me with any questions they have about my courses. I do this to ensure that you get the most out of my instructions and to let you know I'm rooting for you to succeed. When you join my courses you will have direct contact to me and I will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability. I look forward to meeting you.