Nick Leffler

Helping business and people build their online brand.

I love helping people and business's succeed. I've learned a lot in how to successfully be recruited and be the top candidate. Now I'm focusing on using my website and course to show others the way to increasing their visibility and success.

How have I learned to successfully get my foot in the door?

I spent nearly 2 years inside the greatest staffing firm in the world. I was given an inside look at what recruiters are looking for, and what makes you better than the others.

In my role in the Staff Development department, I got a first hand look at the inner workings of many roles in the company.

From seeing how they trained newly hired recruits to inspiring top performing veterans, I saw it all.

I can help you reach the top of your profession and always be in demand by any organization you want to work with.

You will not only meet your professional goals, you will exceed them.

I've been extremely successful in my career and have learned a lot. My goal is to use my knowledge to allow you to achieve your dreams.

I have a hunger for knowledge and creating the best experience for you. I want to help you perfect the experience your potential clients and employers see. You'll show them you're the highly desired recruit you know you are.

I regularly Tweet and read about learning, social media, user experience, marketing, and everything else that requires a wonderful experience.

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