Nicholas Quinton

Helping to people run well.

Over 10 years ago as Physical Training Instructor I helped get raw recruits ready for one of the toughest selection course in the military. This gave me first hand insight into how people get injured and push themselves to hard to prepare for endurance events, the common mistakes we all make by just "going hard" and expecting good results. Finding imbalances, working on form helped get these guys back in the game.

The last 9 years have seen me working for an outdoor fitness provider here in the U.K. developing my skills and knowledge with all spectrum of abilities, especially focused around running. Getting people moving well and being healthy is a passion of mine and the greatest impact I have had to date has not been through pushing people hard and giving them gruelling workouts but by imparting knowledge that is personal and specific to their goals. Finding imbalances, through analysis, and working on specific areas is how I have provided greatest value to people.

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