Nick Burge

Current leader, working to develop and inspiring others

On concluding my four year Honours degree at The University of Edinburgh I have taught in a number of secondary schools across the central belt of Scotland. I have been a teacher for over 10 years and have held a formal leadership position for over six years . During this time I have taken great pleasure in seeing those that I have led move on to pastures new and succeed in their own leadership positions. Through this time I have led at middle and senior leadership positions and have taken forward a number of whole school strategic changes that have effected the lives and families of over 700 young people and the local community.

Whilst my role has had direct impact with colleagues within my own school I have enjoyed working alongside business partners including British Airways, the Royal Air Force, British Army, Scottish Fire Service, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and White Ribbon Campaign.

Over the past two years I have been teaching leadership amongst other areas of the curriculum and have found that colleagues as much as pupils are interested in the concepts I explore.

Having worked as everything from a ski instructor to a security guard and a children's party provider to an international sports team manager, I bring to my courses a concise a brief look into what I feel are the 'essentials' when leading for the first time or when wanting to stand back and review where you are with your leadership evolution.

Whilst I aim to continue with my formal role in education I have recently started to role out media based virtual mentoring through 'Your Leadership Evolution'. This venture aims to inspire, support and motivate clients and students to realise their full potential and invest in themselves through either free access tools or paid courses and resources.