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At Next Level Learn, we strive to provide the best education, paying special attention to the needs of our students. Our intention is not only to teach, but to help our students keep the knowledge in their heads for as long as possible. That is why our courses are always very practical, full of exercises and quizzes.

We try to keep our courses fast paced but easy to follow, to prevent students from getting bored. We also provide additional material to make you part of the course.


Eduardo Roldan is our Online Course Manager. He studied his BS in Mechanical Engineering in Madrid, Spain. After that, he decided to move to Chicago to study a Master in Aerospace Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, graduating with honors.

He started his professional career as Cost Controller of huge engineering projects, including the construction of a power plant. After that, he spent some time in the consulting industry and he is now a Day Trader. Luckily, that gives him some time to share all the knowledge he acquired across the different industries he has worked in.

His specialties include Excel, Matlab, SAP and many programming languages. We will upload his courses as soon as he transfers them to the video format popular in Udemy.

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