Nemanja Markovic

Aspiring Udemist

Hi, i'm a 18 years old guy from Serbia. I've been online since i got my first computer at the age of 13 and since then i was hooked to the web. Over the years i've amassed great amounts of knowledge that i've put to some good use. Some stuff was basics and a good portion of it helped me actually buy things in the real world. Like my bike, gear and hopefully a car soon.

I'm currently 18 years old and i've just come to Udemy and try teach you guys some stuff, i feel like giving back to the wonderful community. I'll be making courses on various topics, some paid and some free depending on the availability of the information. For any questions feel free to message me up and i'll reply to ya as soon as i'm online.

My expertise revolves around doing various tasks and thins online. Whether it's making a website, designing some graphics, or getting paid to write, i've done most of it so that's what i'm here to show you.

Also if you have any ideas that you want me to do, hit me up ASAP. Cheers and best of wishes from Nem!

Oh yeah my name's kind of long so just call me Nem.