Nelson Chan

International PR Director and Marketing Superstar

Nelson Chan has brought his years of experience working as a director in public relations coupled with mentorship from the world’s largess marketers in clouding Eben Pagen and Frank Kern to the Udemy platform.

He has successfully started and sold a digital PR company that delivered effective marketing solutions, working with premium clients and CEO’s and now he wants to give back and give insider information on the inner workings of business. He has seen what works, what doesn’t work and has worked, in fact you have probably seen some of his work either in TV, newspapers or even magazines.

Nelson has a degree in PR, graduating from a prestigious university in Sydney and is considered a foremost authority in digital marketing content writing, PR and social engineering.

He has built his experience by crawling through the trenches of entrepreneurship. Starting a business is certainly no easy feat however it allowed him to acclimatize myself to working 12-16 hour days. This has allowed him to maintain traction within campaigns and garner free media beyond ROI; exceeding the advertising value equivalent for the majority of my clients. He has consulted for some of largest household brands, developed and taught the very same digital marketing curriculum he has personally used with his own clients which has seen them save over $20,000 p/a. Nelson is now on a mission to teach his curriculum in a condensed time frame on Udemy, giving his students an UNFAIR advantage using the simple of philosophy of ‘Pure value, no BS fillers. Ain’t nobody got time for that.’

Nelson adopts a personal philosophy of demanding to learn and demanding excellence from both himself and his students. He considers it a success when one of his students becomes his competition because he continually use this to motivate himself to innovate.