Neil Murphy

Customer Retention Expert

Neil Murphy is widely known as an energetic, competitive and successful entrepreneur, specialising in the sales arena. Neil has a major focus on delivering customer service excellence, team retention and follow-up marketing. Most recently, Neil has worked with many restaurants and food pubs as well as salons and beauty spas to help develop customer VIP systems generating extra profits through customers visiting again and again . . . proving the power of repeat customer business. Neil's first eBook, "Fresh Restaurant Marketing" has recently been ranked at No.1 in the direct marketing category on Amazon and can now be downloaded by searching for Fresh Restaurant Marketing on Amazon. Neil is an accomplished public speaker and a big believer in "niche marketing" and the power of focus to achieve in all that we set out to achieve. In this new economy, Neil has proven the most important person in any business is the customer. Neil has successfully shared this when speaking and presenting to managers, business owners and entrepreneurs at many events, including the Institute of Customer Service meetings, Institute of Directors Hampshire (Mentor Magic winner) and also the Lloyds Commercial Banking Charter Event in Andover. Some of the leading strategies Neil is committed to are "customers buy when they are ready to buy, not when the salesman is ready to sell" and "look very closely for the hidden business within your business!" Neil was the founder of Armchair and the author of their monthly newsletter, which has proven to be extremely well received, won new client sales and helped generate referrals, as well as an extremely successful strategy to boost customer retention - one of the fastest ways to gain market share!