Nathan & Nicole Bills

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We are a homeschool family that has been involved with numerous aspects of education for over 15 years. For a number of years we ran a successful tutoring business that focused on helping struggling children excel.

Nicole is a veteran teacher who holds a teaching degree as well as a degree in psychology. She has had the opportunity to teach in public and private schools, teach a variety of ages, and teach numerous subjects.

It was not until Nicole had the opportunity to teach her own children that here passion for teaching fully matured. For the last 10 years Nicole has been fine tuning her craft with our own children and sharing her skills with numerous homeschool groups and co-ops that we have been involved with over the years.

Nathan is a homeschool father who is interested in seeing that his children get the best education possible. Though not excited about homeschooling in the beginning, Nathan has become homeschooling's advocate.

We are seeking to answer many of the questions we have been receiving for years. Our goal is to help new and veteran teachers improve their teaching and have fun in the process.

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