Mr Nathan Watts

Education | Business | Physchology

Working in the education sector for the last seven years, Nathan has worked as an assistant educator and teachers aide in the primary sector, outdoor education coordinator with Scouts Association of Queensland, Area Trainer for Red Rooster Foods Pty Ltd and a curriculum resource developer with Australia leading private RTO developing and delivering courses in business.

Nathan is qualified in secondary education (specializing in Health and Physical Education and, Film and Media Studies), Adult and Vocational Education, Outdoor Education, Counseling and Business.

Nathan looks toward doing his doctoral degree with a focus on delivering specialized curriculum's for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders to improve social skills and leadership abilities.

Nathan has developed a series of learning lesson's in outdoor recreation with his peers in his third year of his degree which have been published by Pearsons Australia and published several educational papers which include:

-Coupling Students Dominant Learning Styles to Improve Academic Performance

-Using the Curriculum to Promote Safe Learning Environments for LGBTIQ Students

-Implicit Learning Classrooms

-The Equity Divide A disquisition on how a range of socio-cultural issues impact on the educational experiences and outcomes of students and schools.

-Dungeons and Dragons - Narrative Play

-From Policy to Practice: a Review of Select Policy and the Societal Factors of it's Implementation

-Inclusion Practices in the Australian Education Spectrum

Nathan is also working on two psychological theories which include:

- Spectrum of social cognitive development

- Superficial Social Conditioning Theory

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