Nathan Agin

Entrepreneur and Shakespeare nerd

I help online creatives turn fear and uneasiness in front of the camera into confidence, clarity, and charisma.

I train people who desperately want to be better on camera, who want to really engage people with their message, and who want to build their business and make more money with online video.

I worked as a professional actor in Los Angeles in both film and TV.I’ve worked with actors you’ve heard of or would recognize—a master class each time in itself, so I know what being on camera is like, in very high-pressure and high-profile situations.

I’ve also trained in classical theatre, working on such authors as Shakespeare, Shaw, and Chekhov, so I know about rhetoric, persuasion, and vocal techniques.

I’ve also been an online entrepreneur and YouTuber for the past 5+ years with 70K views, so I know what is working and what the trends are.

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