Natasha Collette

Media Designer

Natasha Collette is a media designer in the Boston area. With a background in music and visual art, she has a completely unique skill set and aesthetic approach to creating media content.

An alumni of Berklee College of Music, she has a degree in Film Scoring. She has also completed a Digital Media Production program at Emerson College, which gave further refinement to her motion graphics work. This technical training has combined music composition, audio editing, video production, expertise with music and video software; and also developed the organizational skills of a proficient project manager. Every successful media project requires an ability to shift from “big picture”, to micro-focus attention to details -- whether it be good file management, setting up a budget and production timeline, or replaying the same one second of footage over and over until the animation movement is exactly right.

Natasha has been working with video for several years, both behind the camera and in the edit room. Final Cut Pro 7 was her first editing software, she now uses Premiere and the other programs included in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Her recent projects have focused more directly on motion graphics, leading to a strong proficiency in After Effects. She’s done work for private freelance clients, institutions, and online education.

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