Nataliya Basant

Visionary, Meditation and Personal Transformation teacher

Hi, I am Nataliya,  I am the Founder of Inner Masterpiece Academy. I am a visionary, writer, artist, speaker and a teacher of Meditation and Personal Transformation.

The Art of Inner Excellence - MasterPiece Yourself and Your Life

“Everything you need is inside you - higher intelligence, inner power, love, creativity, compassion, freedom, your unlimited potential. All you need is to turn inward, discover your authentic (true) self,  become complete, become a leader of yourself and your life. I invite you to discover your unique awesomeness, to fulfill your highest potential, design your life just the way you want it and make an impact in the world".

On the surface I had it all - early success in my career as an international lawyer, happy relationship, good life, but I wasn't COMPLETE, I knew there has to be MORE to me and my life, but I had no idea what that was.

That's when my inner journey started. For the past 25 years I went through series of life changing experiences, profound realisations, studied wisdom and teachings of the Masters, practiced yoga, meditation, healing techniques which totally transformed my inner world and my life.

My journey took me from being a high flying lawyer and entrepreneur to a new level.

I came to the point where I am ready share my realisations, experiences, wisdom and proven tools to help others who are looking to become happy, fulfilled, complete.

My life work is dedicated to to help people to become a Masterpiece - whole, complete, rich in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Apart from two law degrees and other qualifications, I am a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher and a practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan, the ancient art of meditative healing.

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