Natalie Tarling

Thrive is the career mentoring scheme for penultimte year students at the University of Reading offering a year of collaboration with a Reading alumnus. Our mentors are all successful professionals and are able to create an environment for students to discuss their aspirations and test their ideas about graduate life.

Thrive provides the opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of the type of professional they would like to become and realise the attributes which set them apart from other graduates in the labour market. We want our students to feel confident and prepared when entering graduate life and our mentors to offer the honest insights which will help make this possible.

We hope that this collaboration will lead to unique opportunities for our students to meet with their mentor; visit the workplace; expand their own professional networks; receive CV, application and interview guidance and to learn a little something about themselves too.

University of Reading students are already up to the challenge, but with the support of our professional alumni they will gain the confidence to excel in their own career journey.