Nanette Kirk

Helping Clients Compose Excellent Career Narratives

I am president and CEO of NetKi Enterprises, LLC; a resume writing services company. I have almost twenty years of management experience and have literally hired thousands during my career.  This allows me the unique perspective to understand what is needed in a resume from both the hiring manager and the candidates perspective.  It also allows me to share what will help you project yourself professionally in your resume. I also bring 13 years of resume writing experience to share with you.  I began writing resumes when as a hiring manager, I recognized that many great candidates were missing opportunities because they failed to effectively translate their talent and career accomplishments on paper.  Because I have relocated multiple times within my management career and have even lived in Europe for a time, I am able to bring a different perspective to hiring and resume writing that is unique from other writers.  My perspective is that a person in any level position should and can have a professional resume that projects them in the best possible light. I have been a member of many professional organizations including NRWA – National Resume Writers Association and have A.S and B.S Degrees in Business Administration and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.  Originally from Indianapolis, IN, I currently reside in Maryland.