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"If you ever struggle with how to find time to write or to make use of the time you have, this course will give you SO many ideas and practical strategies. Nancy is so easy to listen to. You feel like you're sitting in her study having a little chat, and she is sharing gems she has learned as a lifelong writer." Dan Grandstaff, Student

As a life-long freelance author, I've worked on some of the most amazing projects you can imagine. My clients have included top notch achievers in such diverse industries as aerospace, medicine, housing, finance, military, education, publishing, collecting, history, and many, many more.

As a writer, I've interviewed deep sky astrophotographers, CEOs, renewable energy experts, artists, and highly successful consultants – and I hold back nothing in my Udemy courses.

Would you like to earn extra money while writing short online blog posts or articles?

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I live in the “World's Finest City" – San Diego, California, where I enjoy year-round beautiful weather while working on my creative projects I frequent the city's many excellent coffeehouses and fine restaurants. It's a good life.

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Published Books

I've written 29 books on topics ranging from astronomy to history, technology, photography and writing. Google my name over on Amazon and you'll see the wide variety of my published books. I'm currently writing a travel series to document in words and photos the trips I've made to some of the most historic and remote backroads of America.

Magazines & Web Content

I've written hundreds of magazine and web articles, including History Magazine, techEdge, ID, Writer's Digest, The Writer, San Diego Parent, Today's Collector,, Personal Journaling, and Laptop. My photographs have appeared in the pages of I.D., Astronomy, History, Family Tree Magazine, Personal Journaling, Sky & Telescope, and many more.

Ghostwriting & Ghostediting

My successful ghostwriting projects include books on coins, health, philosophy, Irish history, Russian philosophers, and business success.


Association of Ghostwriters

Western Writers of America

Night Photography Lovers

Pacific Photographic Society


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