Nancy Shone

Internet Marketing & Video Professional

She has a BSEE from Northeastern University.  Started her career as an engineer in the semiconductor technology sector where she was an application sales specialist teaching the engineering community how to design in circuitry into electronic systems. Her focus eventually moved her to recruiting industry where her expertise on technology enabled her to become a successful recruiter in the high tech sector. From there Nancy started her own company Blazit.

She is the CEO and founder of Blazit.  Blazit is full service Digital Marketing Company, specializing in Website Design, Content Writing, Video Marketing, Social Channel engagement, and PR.  Blazit's mission is to provide creative, innovative, and affordable Internet Marketing services for small-to-mid sized businesses, helping to elevate their business brand and customer awareness.  

I have been involved in Internet and video marketing for over 10 years and have now decided to take my expertise to the next level by offering courses for people looking to sharpen their skill set with my business knowledge.

Here is some additional background on the types of services that my company offers. I have taken these business concepts into consideration when implementing the course material.

Blazit's Public Relations (PR) and Brand Marketing services help elevate a clients social media profile and bring traffic to their website without black or gray hat techniques.

 As a PR firm Blazit will build your brand though careful messaging to pertinent outlets.  That includes: Press Releases, Company Bios, Treatments, Pitch Letters, Video News Releases, Press Invitations. We work globally and our firm has a reach of over 1.5 million news journalists, magazine editors, and celebrity blogger contacts to utilize to our client’s advantage. 

Additional Services: Professional Press Release Writing, Distribution, Follow Up, Event Planning, Press Invitations, Landing Page and Social Media Engagement

Video Design, Production & Marketing

Blazit also specializes in video production and marketing. We offer a wide range of video competencies in whiteboard animation, explainer, motion graphics, Elearning and social media business video promotions. Services include HD video taping services remotely and at our local studio in MA. We use of a variety of video editing software, Pinnacle studios, Camtasia, Adobe Creative Cloud, After Effects,  Premier Pro , Final cut pro X, Sparkol, Powtoon, Crazytalk.

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