Nahid Ashby

Author, Internet marketer


My name is Nahid Ashby .  I was introduced to Internet  Marketing just a few short years ago  purely by accident.  Now I am regarded as an expert.

Isn’t it remarkable how things can suddenly develop and take you by surprise?

It’s like watching a saucepan full of milk on the gas hob. It seems like a long time before it comes to the boil, but come to the boil it will and if you blink it will spill over.

Well, this is what happened to me with my Internet marketing steep learning curve!

By the Summer of 2007 I had been working full time for decades, while bringing up my son on my own.  I was tired of my insignificant corporate position and wanted something more exciting than being just a cog in the wheel. I was looking for an alternative income.

I came across a site that was offering a three day workshop on internet marketing, an opportunity to make enough money to enable me to quit my job and run my own business.

And it was on that faithful summer day that I was totally and utterly hooked! The idea that you could create multiple streams of income on the Internet and have your sites running day and night collecting money for you even while you sleep, the fact that you could target a global market without even stepping outside your house, wowed me like nothing had done until then.

And then came the irresistible torrents of information. I was like a zealous child in a rubber dingy riding the waves! People were complaining about being overwhelmed and bursting from information overload, but I was just quietly soaking up the information like a magic sponge.

Yes I got a pounding head ache at the end of that week- end. Yes I had sleepless nights, that week end and for a long time afterwards and yes, it felt like I had come back to a false reality on Monday morning after that eventful week-end seminar, having to go to work was so painful!

For three years, I spent a lot of time and money on my education and learned as much as I could about different aspects of internet marketing while I still held my full time job.

And then I started putting into practice what I had learned and the results were amazing. I had finally cracked the code and started making money online.

In 2010 I finally quit my job and became my own boss and I have not looked back since.

Since then, I have created video training products, audio products and written three books all on different aspects of internet marketing. I love sharing my knowledge and experience I am honest and transparent and enjoy helping people reach their goals and if I can make some money in the process, that suites me fine.

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