Nadia Ramoutar earned a Ph. D in communication and is as a rare blend of wisdom, intelligence, intuition, knowledge, humor, compassion and creativity who brings out the best in other people. Multi-cultural by birth, Dr. Nadia is an expert in empathy and holds a actual doctorate degree in Communications. Making meaningful messages is her life's work.  She wants to help you lead your most meaningful life.  She is an energetic and inspiring writer, college professor, film director, artist, poet, Mojo Motivator, muse and consultant. Her gift is using knowledge to activate imagination making us more dynamic, yet calm and capable. We can learn skills to be clear, powerful, creative and fun people with rewarding and meaningful careers and relationships.  She will help you become smarter, more self aware and infinitely energetic in a playful, natural and authentic way. 

With extensive teaching experience and intuitive ability, Nadia brings light into any tough transition and helps people find, explore and extend their natural energy to face life's little and big moments. Born in Dublin, Ireland to an Irish Mother and Indian Father she now resides in Florida. Nadia lives diversity and is dedicated to empowering you to use your uniqueness, talent and skill to benefit you and the world. She has extensive experience in communication, creativity  and is the mid-wife to many dreams already. She is eager and able to help you take your game and gain to the next level - beyond expectation into the unknown delight of being you. Life can be challenging and sometimes feel impossible. She understands the need to be heard and to be expressed is key to longterm well being.

Nadia uses her talents and skills to create art, films, writing and relationships that are meaningful, authentic and dynamic. She wants to help you convert your desires into your daily reality as you explore yourself authentically operating in the natural world of ideas and actions. She wants to guide you to your most exciting and meaningful life possible. 

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