Nada El Maliki

Language Instructor

Nada is a young Moroccan university student who is passionate about languages. She can speak fluently four languages including: French, Standard Arabic, English and Moroccan dialect. Her love of languages pushed her a few years ago to dive into the intricacies of Korean. Besides studying languages she has taught them to illiterate Berber Women and high-school students in poor regions of her country. She is the founder of the teaching method "BacFabor", a unique technique that helps Moroccan high school learners to prepare for their BAC final exam (i.e. equivalent of SAT). BacFabor -FreeBac- lessons became quickly very well-known among thousands of Moroccans who accessed them via her YouTube channel. Nada believes in a teaching style that provides students with the suffiscient tools to start speaking a language without getting into the crazy grammatical rules. She is currently preparing her bachelor in Finance and international business and is following a Leadership training in one of the top 5  most prestigious institutes in the whole MENA region. Her motto for teaching is : "A student helping other students learn and evolve!".

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