Myrtha Feller-Muller

Numerologist & Teacher at Udemy

Bio – Myrtha Feller-Muller, born 1932 in Switzerland

In 1980 I created my own astrology school in Switzerland, adding three years later the teaching of numerology. During my lessons I observed that it was easier for my students to understand and to work with numbers than with the abstract symbols of astrology. I had classes between 12 and 25 students.

I am a numerologist for 30 years and for 20 years I developed and experimented my new method of numerology including the knowledge of karma.

In 1992 I immigrated to Canada for a personal reason, where I live since, and giving courses for a few years.

By the end of the present introductory course, the students are able to learn and to understand their real path of live; to develop the ability to understand their karmas; to become empowered to take their life into their own hand and to determine their own destiny by answering the question of “Who am I”.

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