Myrko Thum

Breakthrough Coach

I'm entrepreneur and personal development coach to hundreds of achievers since 2001.

I have coached my success system to CEO's of multi-million dollar companies, self-employed business owners, successful and creative artists and to people who want to get ahead in the corporate world. Over the years I've seen some powerful patterns that make the difference in peoples lives.

I believe that there is a personal path to fulfillment and success for all of us. Regardless of were you're coming from or where you are in your life right now. And it’s not just fate or luck.

I believe and know from my own experience that this path very straightforward and can be learned as a step-by-step process. It's still a very individual path of course, but one that can be followed with the right guiding system.

So in my online courses I'm teaching the best tools and strategies for your personal development and achievement. Let's start now!