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UX Alive İnternational Conferences

Since 2009, Userspots has been answering the question of “What is User Experience" to reach larger communities and today UX Alive! will be crowning this process.

When we deciced to organize the UX Alive! conference as the Business and Communications team, we knew that it will be our greatest initiative to increase awareness on User Experience. We have been hosting events for the last 2 years for community but UX Alive, as our founder Mustafa Dalci defined it in the earlier stages, sky is the limit.

For the first conference, we determined our theme as “ExperienceEverywhere" because User Experience is just like every other thing about human. This theme became a guide for us to reach important names which are inspiration to our works and when its a matter of UX there is no limit in what we do.

We are proud to host professionals from all around the world. It will be a great pleasure observing our guests experience Istanbul and the UX Alive! conference. It is priceless to see people from various countries gathering here in Istanbul where you can live many different experiences at once. We will be here in Istanbul, to experience all with UX Alive!

We hope that we have been succesful on our journey of providing a good conference experience.

See you next year...